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Unlimited-lifetime disposable email addresses

3609203 shared this idea 2 years ago

Mailbox.org supports temporary disposable addresses, that expire after 30 days (unless extended manually). This is very convenient in many cases, however, I believe their usefulness could be drastically extended if the lifetime wasn't limited to 30 days, and instead they would exist until manually deleted.

Nowadays everyone wants you to "Sign Up" for accessing virtually any service. Even something like taking a ferry across the river requires mandatory "Signing Up" with an email address. Many companies don't put any effort into user data protection, and have trivially exploitable vulnerabilities or rely on outdated software with well-known vulnerabilities. Exposing your real email address is therefore understandably undesirable, and this is where disposable addresses come in handy. However, the fact that they expire after 30 days creates major inconvenience if one wants to keep using an account registered with a disposable address past given 30 days (sometimes you may need to "accept" new ToS or something, with a link that would be delivered to your email, so usually the email address needs to be functioning for the duration of an account).

It's of course possible to rely on 3rd party email cloaking services, like AnonAddy or SimpleLogin, but I'd rather have it directly supported by the Mailbox.org. I personally would gladly pay an extra fee for an ability to have a few disposable addresses that don't expire automatically.

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Shameless plug, but I was looking for a way to manage these from command-line (that's how I've found your post). As I didn't find anything, I created small CLI based "client" for disposable addresses feature.

It has `renew` command, so you could schedule automatic renewal in cron which will give you lifetime disposable address: https://github.com/singles/mailbox-org-cli

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