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Russia blocks mailbox.org again

7183255 shared this problem 3 months ago
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Hello Team,

I'm not quite sure whether you are aware or not, but Russian authorities put mailbox.org IPs and hostnames in the country-wide block list (22-Sep-2020).

Here are some details for your reference:

1. Official web-site with the case description (Ru only) - enter mailbox.org + fill captcha to get case details.

2. Unofficial web-site with aggregated data about blocked IPs and hostnames.

Can you please clarify a couple of questions?

1. Is mailbox.org going to fight back and get its IPs/Hostnames unblocked? If yes, what is the plan and how to get status updates?

2. While it is blocked, is it still technically possible for users with Russian email providers to send emails to mailbox.org users and vice versa? I'm not an expert, but for instance will DMARC checks properly work if hostnames are not properly resolved and IPs blocks? May be there are other technical implications...

Thank you for your answers and help.

Kind Regards,

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Thank you very much for your feedback and the background information.

We're still in the process of evaluation and legal consultation.

At this point we - regretfully - cannot share any outlook on this.


I have raised a ticket about this issue several days ago, but alas. The only response I got was that they were able to connect using Russian Tor exit node just fine. :)

At the moment I have no issues sending and receiving email to/from other users with Russian IPs. IMAP works, and that's the most important part. However, I'm unable to access webmail and the front page. Not that big a deal, personally I rarely need them and there's Tor for that.

However, I wish this issue could be resolved. I understand that there's not much MB as a business can do. But as long as IMAP works I'm not leaving. :)



For a month now I've been facing serious problems with receiving emails from some sites - it just doesn't work. I suppose this is due to the blocking of mailbox.org MX servers in Russia. Below is just a small list of sites, among which airlines and banks, that is, some of the most vital:







Since the service has not been performing its main function for two months and is not even trying to fix the problem (elementary, at least by changing the IP-address of MX-servers), please indicate a further plan to fix the situation and compensate for downtime to users.


I can not fix that.

This is an Russia internal political problem. Talk to your president.

There's also nothing we actually do here. There's *no reason* for blocking us, so this is a political campaign to block the free, uncensored internet. For that, there's no way to argue or work against those blocks on a rational basis. It's a political case and this has nothing to do with reality and logic. The Russian Roskomnadzor does not talk to us and also doesn't answer why mailbox.org was blocked even after we won the court case against Roskomnadsor in January 2020.

mailbox.org will work against this block and we will get help from Russian free media, but right now we don't have enough time we could invest here, since we have to much to do in other projects. Someday I will invest my time and power to work against this, but not today.


You're being a little sly - I'm not asking you to provide access to mailbox.org from the territory of the Russian Federation, I just want you to ensure the delivery of e-mails from Russian services. It's not up to me to explain how this is done. Your main competitors can easily do this.

I would also like to disappoint you a bit - there are no "free media" in the RF (at least with a large audience). Absolutely everything is censored. Someone is allowed more, someone less - it depends on the vector of propaganda.The so-called "Roscomsvoboda", which provides legal services to companies like yours, was inspired by the Russian authorities. It plays a role both for the Russian liberal public and to create the illusion of opposition presence on the Russian political scene for Western countries.


Есть ощущение, что у нас не осталось незаблокированных провайдеров почты. :(


This problem is actual ((