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Russia blocks mailbox.org again

7183255 shared this problem 4 days ago
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Hello Team,

I'm not quite sure whether you are aware or not, but Russian authorities put mailbox.org IPs and hostnames in the country-wide block list (22-Sep-2020).

Here are some details for your reference:

1. Official web-site with the case description (Ru only) - enter mailbox.org + fill captcha to get case details.

2. Unofficial web-site with aggregated data about blocked IPs and hostnames.

Can you please clarify a couple of questions?

1. Is mailbox.org going to fight back and get its IPs/Hostnames unblocked? If yes, what is the plan and how to get status updates?

2. While it is blocked, is it still technically possible for users with Russian email providers to send emails to mailbox.org users and vice versa? I'm not an expert, but for instance will DMARC checks properly work if hostnames are not properly resolved and IPs blocks? May be there are other technical implications...

Thank you for your answers and help.

Kind Regards,

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Thank you very much for your feedback and the background information.

We're still in the process of evaluation and legal consultation.

At this point we - regretfully - cannot share any outlook on this.