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Feature suggestion: Virtual Folders or Search Folders

9445619 shared this idea 2 months ago

Management of aliases can be messy if you get several ones based on different uses (like a personal and a pro one, which you may not want to check in the same situations, like weekend).

I understand there is no separate inboxes.

What about a more powerful feature: a search virtual folder. Like a filter rule sending emails to a folder but, instead of moving or copying, it would just filter (like the unread virtual folder but for our criterias, like the receiver address of a mail, which we could configure to a particular alias).

In some way, it could work like the tags or labels of gmail.

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I might be misunderstanding the request, but searching "All Folders" for a specific alias is an option.


It may work and I'm talking about something which would display the number of unread e-mails for the result of this search at any moment, and available through a single click. Like any other folder but as a virtual search result folder.