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subscribing to Outlook calendar (Folder name reserved)

8939095 shared this problem 6 months ago


My school publishes schedules in the default outlook (office 365) calendar. I shared this calendar with myself, which gives me an iCal link. But the issues is, that when using this link in the Mailbox.org "Subscribe to iCal feed" window, it gives me an error message: "The folder name "Agenda" is reserved. Please choose another name." The folder name listed here is the name of the default outlook calendar, which appears not to be changable. Is there a way to use a different destination name on the mailbox.org side, so it'll let me subscribe to the ical file?

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How often does the calendar update? If it isn't very often, you could export the calendar to a .ical or .ics file and upload it.


Not very often, but I'd like it to "just work" without having to deal with manually downloading and uploading the calendar file.

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