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"Wrong or missing login data" when sending emails [New Paid Account]

9130170 shared this problem 6 months ago


I am attempting to send my first email from a new paid account and get this message:

Wrong or missing login data to access mail transport server smtp.mailbox.org. Please check associated account's settings/credentials. (ID: -1138766152-25393970 / MSG-1030)

Please advise on how to fix this.

Thanks and cheers.

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I have the same problem. Please advise on how to fix this. An email is no good if you can't send emails...:-(


Same thing here.


Same deal. I can't even evaluate the service before I throw some money their way.


Hi all,

sorry if you had issues signing up.

We'd love to make the sign-up process as smooth as possible. However, not only people with good manners like you try to sign up.

We need to make sure that spammers, phishers and fraudsters understand that they are not welcome here at mailbox.org.

Those people may spoil our server's reputation which might have drawbacks for all of our existing customers.

We have several checks in place.

One check is shown transparently at sign-up on the right hand-side pane: Unpaid accounts can only send to mailbox.org addresses.

Another check is done based on different parameters during sign-up.

So if you paid and still cannot send out, please get in touch with us via https://help.mailbox.org and let us know.

We then verify your account again manually and if you are a honest user, we'll unblock you.

I kindly ask for your understanding for these measures.


hi I have the same problem.. paid and cannot send emails. please help resolve thanks!


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