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How to block or blacklist emails from all subdomains of a blocked domain?

pilgrim shared this problem 5 months ago

I have blocked emails from entire domains (by blacklisting like @domain.tld), and they work fine usually.

However, some spam domains use subdomains to send spam, and they keep changing subdomains so blocking/blacklisting them becomes difficult.

For e.g. @sweretgo.ru is blocked, even @s2.sweretgo.ru is blocked, but then I notice they are sending spam from s3.sweretgo.ru and s7.sweretgo.ru subdomains.

Should @sweretgo.ru being blacklisted not block all emails from that domain (including its subdomains)?

If not, and if it is intended behaviour, then what is the way to achieve that? Because a wildcard didn't work - I tried adding @*.sweretgo.ru to Block/Blacklisting and Mailbox settings portal threw an error:

Error: The value of the 'email' parameter does not appear to be an e-mail address

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I'm would like to be able to do the same but for TLDs, e.g @*.cyou


I don't know whether this works or not. Nobody ever replied and knowing the way I have known mailbox support over these years no one will it seems.


Not sure if you've stumbled across this, but it seems like one alternative would be with Filter Rules, using a Regex to match the From field and the Action "Reject with reason" with some text along the lines of:

smtp;554 5.7.1 Spam message rejected

Any nondescript response will do I guess.


Now, this isn't quite the same as Blacklists. When I tried it out with another email address, the first notable difference I saw is that with Blacklists, it's the sending server that responds with Delivery Status Notification (Failure), where as with the filter rule method, it's Mailbox's postmaster that replies with the subject Rejected: <original subject>.

I'm not immediately sure about the implications of this difference, or whether it matters.

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