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How to block or blacklist emails from all subdomains of a blocked domain?

pilgrim shared this problem 15 days ago

I have blocked emails from entire domains (by blacklisting like @domain.tld), and they work fine usually.

However, some spam domains use subdomains to send spam, and they keep changing subdomains so blocking/blacklisting them becomes difficult.

For e.g. @sweretgo.ru is blocked, even @s2.sweretgo.ru is blocked, but then I notice they are sending spam from s3.sweretgo.ru and s7.sweretgo.ru subdomains.

Should @sweretgo.ru being blacklisted not block all emails from that domain (including its subdomains)?

If not, and if it is intended behaviour, then what is the way to achieve that? Because a wildcard didn't work - I tried adding @*.sweretgo.ru to Block/Blacklisting and Mailbox settings portal threw an error:

Error: The value of the 'email' parameter does not appear to be an e-mail address

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