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Somehow ended up with two "archive" folders

1845774 shared this problem 5 months ago


New to Mailbox.org. I am running into a slight issue. I somehow ended up with an "archive" folder and an "archives" folder. Perhaps this occurred because I am using Thunderbird as my email program? In any case, how do I figure out which folder to keep/how do I set up my mailbox so that, when I hit the "archive" button, it sends the messages to the right folder? Thanks for any advice!

-- Matt

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By default it's "Archive" but you can pick anything and after setting it up you can move mail from the wrong one and delete it.

On mailbox.org's webmail, go to the settings page, then Accounts on the left, then pick Edit on the email account and you can set which folders to use. It's probably still Archive but may as well check just in case (or to change it to Archives if you like that better).

In Thunderbird, right click the mailbox.org account on the left and go to Settings, then pick the "Copies & Folders" options to set which folder archives go into. In "Archive options..." you can also set whether to use a single folder or yearly/monthy subfolders. Mailbox.org's webmail uses yearly folders with no way to change that so far, but if you never use webmail to archive anything, you can set it however you want.


Many thanks -- that solved it!

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