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payment refused. no reply to my ticket

9223427 shared this problem 5 months ago

Any way to get support here i cant even see a way to contact someone except via web search then re logging in which is how i found this. I like the contact tab at least somewhere,seems to have fallen off this one.

I repeatedly get "Payment refused "notice with no detail or course to resolve. Many others have posted that issue but i see no answer from mods etc or even much effort to assist, the responsed are very sad looking.

Is that what this place is like,can someone chime in about service here is it always this cruddy?Managed to sent a ticket ,only took me hours to figure that out (cant find how i did it lol yes normal user here with limited super-powers),somehow yesterday, but no reply,maybe because its the weekend?

Very confused new user wanting to pay money to you, hand is extended out with it,little shimmer emmits it

Trying to figure out this seemingly over-complicated place requires a cerfification . Can someone throw me a bone? I was the most eager customer to hand over the dough but now i have these questions that need answering.

Mod, or whoever care about the customers,nows your chance to secure a keen customer

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