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Webmail question - what is the mailbox.org folder?

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On the webmail just below the regular IMAP folders lies a "mailbox.org" folder. I did some tests and it looked like a local folder, acessible only thru webmail, but I could't confirm that.

I searched a lot but could not find any information on folder management or that specific folder.

So, what is that "mailbox.org" folder?

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`mailbox.org` is the root folder. It is not shown in IMAP, but its subfolders will be visible.

An alternative would be to create subfolders under `INBOX`. Depending on MUA this may be or not be more convenient.

If you add an external account, it will appear on the same level as `mailbox.org`, like `jim@mail.mi6.gov.uk`.

I, myself, find this all mildly confusing. Perhaps a note on folder logic would be good in the knowledge base.



I have a similar question: if mailbox.org represents the root folder, why do we not see in it the "special folders" (Sent, Inbox, ...). Are they structurally different or is is only a display thing?



I purpose a up on this question; i'm new to mailbox, but is there any advantage/difference for example to redirect aliases' mail to the main "inbox" folder or the "mailbox.org" folder ?

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