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Calendar: Hover box for appointments to show times

7539797 shared this idea 13 days ago


I'd find it very value adding if the hover box in the Calendar web app would show start and end time of the appointment.


You can not see the start and end time of an appointment with "crooked" start and end times, i.e. not exactly starting or ending at x.30h or x.00h. In this example the appointment starts at 15.37h and ends at 17.12h. The horizontal bars for half hours only give an estimate:


The hover box shows some of the information (title and location), albeit redundantly so, because the info can also be seen in the appointment block itself:


Relevant information can only be seen by opening the appointment and closing it again. This may seem like a minor issue, but if you have a lot of such appointments it gets on your nerves.


The hover box would show the start and end time of the appointment, or make it configurable what is shown.