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Cant log into mailbox.org using the Brave browser. Same email/password work in Safari. Please help !

9447249 shared this problem 9 months ago

Same credentials work in Safari but when I try to log into mailbox.org in Brave it brings me back to the login page, without any errors. Please help thanks.


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Some of our users reported this issue back to us.

It turned out that it's related to Brave Shield.

Please turn off the Brave Shield for mailbox.org, office.mailbox.org and login.mailbox.org.

Then it will work.

It appears that the Shield has become a bit overanxious with the last update.


On an iOS Phone it only works if I disable "Block Fingerprinting" from Brave Shield. When it doesn't work it displays the "waiting icon" forever.

On a windows 10 computer it seems to work with Brave Shield and report blocking nothing.

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