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Suggestion: E-mail filters: allow to check if a sender is in the users contacts address books

5562404 shared this idea 54 days ago

Suggestion to improve e-mail filters:

Allow to check if a sender is (or is not) in the users contacts address books.

This would allow to e.g. place all e-mails arriving from unknown senders in a separate folder, leaving in the Inbox only e-mails from known senders. Some people may want to handle unknown senders with higher priority because they may be new customers; for others, unknown senders may be mostly spam.

While for me this is an obvious first way to filter incoming e-mails, it curiously seems not to be implemented anywhere. Implementing this in OX App Suite or mailbox.org would give them a unique feature over other e-mail providers.

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There are mailclients like Evolution which check this and mail services like HEY that do this as well. But HEY is not standards compatible (Evolution is).

But if Mailbox figures out an easy way I would be happy, too.


mailbox.org supports Sieve filters, which are called "Mail Filter Rules" in the web interface.

RFC 6134 is an extension to Sieve that defines filtering based on lists. Sections 2.2 and 2.5 describe how, in a minimal implementation, the user's default address book is valid for the "address", "envelope", and "header" tests.

Sieve filters are implemented at the server level, so the results would be consistent across applications. Note: I haven't tried filtering based on address book before.


Good idea..

require ["fileinto", "extlists"];  
# Checks that the sender is in your personal address book
if header :list "from" ":addrbook:personal?label=Family"   
 fileinto "Known"; 

However, if this list of supported extensions is still valid, the required extension "extlists" is not supported:

# sieveshell imap.mailbox.org
connecting to imap.mailbox.org as user example@mailbox.org
Server capabilities: fileinto reject envelope encoded-character vacation subaddress comparator-i;ascii-numeric relational regex imap4flags copy include variables body enotify environment mailbox date index ihave duplicate vacation-seconds imapflags notify vnd.dovecot.pgp-encrypt

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