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A change to joint billing not possible

6852708 shared this question 52 days ago
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I recently moved towards mailbox.org. Great working e-mail service. However, I have a custom domain and managing all e-mail accounts for my family. Therefore i use joint billing. I am willing to upgrade to the new price plan: standard (current mailxl) and would like to use the possibility to gain the 50% discount. When i select the plan i get the error:

Error: A change to the Light, Standard or Premium plans is currently not supported for team accounts with joint billing.

Does anyone know how i can upgrade my subscription?

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This is a known issue and the developers are currently working on a solution. Unfortunately there is not a way at the moment to switch to a new plan. I would encourage you to create a direct support ticket to make sure they are aware of your concern and they will make you aware when the issue is fixed.


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