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Please store cloud storage redundantly between the 2 datacenters

2040543 shared this idea 46 days ago


I've read a few weeks ago your blog post about the (major) incident which happened in France at OVH (datacenters burned) and how Mailbox.org operates on 2 datacenters -> https://mailbox.org/en/post/why-mailbox-org-operates-two-data-centers

That said, I've asked the support if cloud storage was redundantly stored on the 2 DCs, and unfortunately, it's not.

I know you have probably better fire protection standards than the french DCs which burned (I hope so !) but in the eventuality of one DC fails completely, we could lost everything we have in the cloud storage.

Maybe it's only 50% chance ? Maybe our documents are randomly spread among the 2 DCs so in that case, if one is completely destroyed we would be able to retrieve a random numbers of our documents/files, I don't know.

My proposal is to study the possibility of storing redundantly the cloud storage also.

As I said to the support, I've chose a plan (standard) with Cloud Storage space, because I like it and use it. I've studied the possibility to store my files elsewhere and only doing mails with mailbox.org but found useful the possibility to have all in one place (as gmail offers but with privacy).

Unfortunatly I'm now aware that my most precious file will have to be backuped, by myself, elsewhere, just in case...

Thank you

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Your "most precious files" have to be backuped anyway, even if they stored the data redundantly. Think about these cases:

1) You don't have Internet.

2) Somebody breaks into your account (or your computer) and deletes all your files.

3) Or you make a mistake and delete all files by accident.

But anyway, like this idea too.

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