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Credit error - insufficient funds

8007082 shared this problem 45 days ago

Received email saying that I have insufficient credits for next 3 months, yet I have renewed my contract last month to the value of 91 euros.

Please advise,



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I just got the same email. I think the issue is that I upgraded my main user to the Standard plan, but the other user is still on MAILX. The new plans use up all the credit at once to determine the contract length, instead of month by month, so my user stole all the other user's credit! And I can't upgrade the other user to a new plan while joint billing is enabled.

I just opened a support ticket, hoping to hear back soon. If you upgraded to a new plan and don't have joint billing, you might try upgrading all your users to a new plan as well? Good luck!


Same here.

I chose the standard plan.

I do have an extra user under my account. So 2 accounts.

The thing is, it is not clear how much I have left, or how much I should pay to be safe for the next months.

Currently only this is shown:

2021-04-08-2.50 €Monthly charge (tariff) MAILXL (08.04.2021) (user2)

2021-04-08-2.50 €Monthly charge (tariff) MAILXL (08.04.2021) (user1)

2021-03-08-2.50 €Monthly charge (tariff) MAILXL (08.03.2021) (user2)

2021-03-08-2.50 €Monthly charge (tariff) MAILXL (08.03.2021) (user1)

2021-02-08-2.50 €Monthly charge (tariff) MAILXL (08.02.2021) (user2)

2021-02-08-2.50 €Monthly charge (tariff) MAILXL (08.02.2021) (user1)

2021-01-25-0.65 €Credit card payment fee (user1)

2021-01-2561.65 €Credit card payment received (user1)

Can't see the 3 euro deduction. It probably start this month.

Not sure where I need to set the other user to the standard plan as you noted.

If I login to the other user account it shows the old plan. But I cannot change it:

Error: A change to the Light, Standard or Premium plans is currently not supported for team accounts with joint billing.

But then I noted the contract term date, which I did not note before.

If I understand it somewhat I should pay:

contract term: 20.03.2024 = 3 years x 12 months x 2 users x 3e/month

that comes to 216 euros to be payed upfront

But there was a one time reduction of 50% so I would now need to up credit 108 euro's?

I can't see how much there is still on my account, so not clear how much I need to pay extra to get 108 euro's.

I also had no idea about the contract term , and if it is like this I find it to be a very long term.

Note: the other user still has the old plan set, which i cannot change, the contract term there only shows 1 year!

Hope I get a clarifying response of support, before my email gets shut and deleted.


My guess:

- probably main account upgraded and used all credit. That's probably the reason why contract term shows untill 2024...

- and second account would auto upgrade to the new plan, but there is no credit anymore available

So I'll add 12*3 credit for now and see what happens.

Edit: in the list there was the 24months 50% reduction when adding funds. I chose this


In some rare cases, we still have a bug where accounts in the new plans may receive a false balance warning. Please ignore this warning from yesterday if it is obviously wrong.


ok, how do I set the second account on split plan to the new plan?

it's still stuck at MAILXL and can't change it

kind regards

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