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How do I subscribe with auto-payments?

5637837 shared this question 44 days ago
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New user here. I started the 30 day trial on 4/22 and then immediately paid 3.00 € so I could use my own custom domain.

Under "Add Credit to your Balance" it tells me I have the standard 3.00 € / month package with a contract length until 2021-06-21. I assume this is because I get 30 days free and have already paid for 5/22-6/21.

Here's what I don't get - how I I set up automatic credit card payments? Can I pay by the year? What happens if I forget to pay before 2021-06-21? Do I have to set a reminder to pay every month?

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Here is how I do it: I pay via bank transfer. The IBAN is suited to my mailbox account. I set up a standing order in my bank account: 1x a year 36€. I also do this three months before the money runs out so that I don't get annoying "Your balance is almost exceeded" emails.

If you live in the EU, that would be my preferred way.


I'm in the U.S. I don't know if I have that option - have never done a standing order before. I guess I'll just make sure I always have a balance....not sure if there's a way for U.S. user to actually make automatic payments.


You could see if PayPal or credit card works this way... dunno

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