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Search All-Folders as default! (suggestion)

6355841 shared this idea 54 days ago

It's extremely tiring to click "all folders" for every single search, as "inbox" is the standard option, which I can't find out how to change the default on. So my suggestion is

- all-folders as standard for search!


- provide option to change the default!

Also, as mentioned else-where on the forum as a suggestion, please improve search function so parts of words give hits, and not only full words. fx searching for onepercent doesn't give search hits on emails I've written with info@onepercentfortheplanet.org ...

I've tried for the umpteenth time now to search for something, get no hits because it's searching only in my inbox, then change that too all folders, and still get no hits because search function only seems to give super accurate hits... It's a lot of friction in the workflow, and could be so much better!

Thanks for your work, Mailbox, still love your service!

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