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Calendar CalDav Broken

6904471 shared this problem 53 days ago

Hi -

I have been using mailbox for a few months now, and have my Calendar synchronised with my iphone, and my desktop email client (emClient). Late last week my emClient stopped synchronising the calendar with mailbox.org, and then I noticed my iphone also stopped. My emails and contact continue to synchronise via IMAP / CardDav.

I am synchronising my Calendar via CalDav. It was working perfectly prior to late last week. I have checked and reset the configuration settings in both emClient and the iPhone, but it still does not work.

I have also noticed when browsing my calendar in the WebUI it is extremely slow. Some weeks show calendar events, while others don't - it seems to be a little random. When I view the Calendar as a list it throws the error message ""Error : Failed to load appointments"." And lastly, when I looked in Settings / Error Log- there are numerous errors related to the Calendar and not being able to fulfil requests.

I raised a ticket on the 7th but no-one has looked at it yet. I use my calendar daily and at the moment I am without it. I am posting here to see if anyone else is experiencing these problems and has resolved them?



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This is getting a little frustrating. There is no response from Mailbox support on this critical issue. I logged the ticket over a week ago and there has been zero response. This is not a minor issue, but a critical incident in my opinion. The calendar functionality is not working in the product - there is no workaround which I am aware of. I hope someone from Mailbox will respond soon.

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