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Tasks with subtasks from Tasks on Android get flattened on sync to mailbox.org via CalDAV

2602125 shared this problem 15 months ago

1. Set up DAVx5 sync of mailbox.org using CalDAV on Android

2. Create a task with a subtask

3. Sync via DAVx5

4. Inspect the task list in mailbox.org


Subtasks are kept.


Subtasks are on the same level as the original main task.

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Any update on this? Facing the same issue with creating subtasks on Tasks.org app and syncing with mailbox.org via DAVx5.


This is important for me, please bug Open-Xchange so they will implement this!

Additional context can be found here: https://github.com/tasks/tasks/issues/932


I have the same problem, subtasks created via Android "Tasks" app are not shown as such in mailbox.org. Also syncing them back to Thunderbird from mailbox.org is then also only showing the created tasks as a flat list. Is it possible to keep the tasks/subtask structure from the App "Tasks" in mailbox.org?


Yeah, subtasks don't work for me either in tasks.org app :/


Similar issue here, but with sync tasks with recurrence.

There was a similar thread on this, which was deleted from the forums. I don't know why.

Link to discussion on the Web Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20210802160847/https://userforum-en.mailbox.org/topic/unable-to-sync-tasks-with-repeating-schedule

Original link (dead): https://userforum-en.mailbox.org/topic/unable-to-sync-tasks-with-repeating-schedule


I can give some more input on my workflow and challenges I have encountered. I hope this shows some overlaps wih your setups and workflows. And gives the mailbox.org support more information which iCalender features your users need.

I am using mailbox.org since years and am very happy with the web-frontend, encryption, security and privacy of this service.

My setup is the following:

  • two mailbox.org team accounts,
  • Thunderbird on Desktop,
  • K9-Mail e-mail app https://k9mail.app/ on smartphones,
  • JTX Board app https://jtx.techbee.at/ to manage journals, notes and tasks (implements the VJournal and VTodo feature of the iCalender a.k.a. iCal standard) and
  • DAVx5 app https://www.davx5.com/ to synchronize my calendars, journals, notes and tasks (uses features of the iCalender a.k.a. iCal standard).

I have encounted some challenges around managing appointments and tasks.

  • In K-9 Mail I neither see any invitation nor can I accept or decline an invitation. I just simply see an weblink to the mailbox.org web interface. This is because K-9 Mail does not support the iCalendar standard yet. I will stay at K-9 Mail and wait for the feature to be implemented.
  • In the JTX Board app I can create "collections" (folders) which can contain journal entries, pictures, audio files, notes, tasks, sub-tasks and reoccuring/ repeating tasks. I can perfectly synch those "collections" with DAVx5. However, the mailbox.org server converts my sub-tasks to a priority of the parent task. My guess is the actual open-xchange version used by mailbox.org does not support every feature of the iCalender standard e.g. VJournal and VTodo yet.

My wishes to the mailbox.org support: please approach open-xchange again and

  • Request the implementation of the whole iCalender standard including features such as VJournal and VTodo.
  • ask for an open-xchange roadmap; this would be most appreciated by many users and by mailbox.org as well I guess.
  • create an overview at mailbox.org of already requested features and a status on those features request to open-xchange; this way users can easily see which of their challenges has or is already been dealt with.



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