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Audriga migration service only sees 5GB capacity for my mailbox, not 10GB

2040543 shared this problem 38 days ago


Did it happen before to someone here ?

I've just started the migration process from mailbox's partner Audriga to transfer my Gmail account to my mailbox account.

I have the mailbox standard option (10 GB mail storage), but Audriga warns me that the destination account is not sufficient to store all the emails, "we will migrate only the most recent data until space is used up".

I only have 2 or 3 GB of Gmail's emails... and mailbox.org's console tells me I'm not even using 1GB/10GB capacity on mailbox.org's side (which is true).


Maybe it's a false alert and the process will succeed.

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Apparently, the migration finished successfully.

I'm wondering now how does the indexation of all that runs... It seems I have to make a search within the right imported folder.

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