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Problems receiving email from my bank (greylisting)

8320985 shared this question 11 months ago

I have read up on greylisting and noticed that emails from my bank, First United Bank in the US has a greylisting delay of >1000s (one was even 3693s), from what I could tell in looking at the source email and looking at greylisting header. I understand that this timing does not have anything to do with mailbox.org as it is up to the senders email service to retry after a shorter period of time.

Nevertheless, I do believe, in reading the documentation from mailbox.org, that once an IP address is known then it is possible to stop greylisting them? I am curious how I can go about doing this (via a ticket or would this post suffice?)

Some of the questions I have read:



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Sometimes bigger companies do not comply with the rules of Greylisting. When we reject, they come again with a different server and IP, which we then reject. This can go on until the initial sending server shows up again, as one would typically expect. Then the IP will be known to us and we won't greylist anymore.

You're right, they should make sure that once a messages gets rejected due to Greylisting, that they try to deliver with the very same server again after some time.


So there is no way to whitelist by domain?

If not, am I to imagine, that, assuming they have a finite amount of mail servers, that they eventually all IPs will be known for this bank?


Yes, I think that's exactly what will happen.

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