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How do you set up your folders with multiple email accounts?

3077841 shared this question 13 days ago
Need Answer

I've currently got about 6 external domain email addresses that I regularly use. With my previous email host I set each of these up separately in my email clients, but I don't seem to be able to do that with Mailbox (unless I've missed something).

My setup has the single 'Mailbox.org' account in Thunderbird, for example, and then I have each of my email accounts as a folder under that root folder. It's nice to only have one main account to set up, but it means that I can't have the standard folders like Inbox, Sent, Junk, Spam for each account unless I manually create them and configure a whole bunch of filters.

I'd like to know if there's an easier way to do this or how others handle multiple email accounts.

Also would like to know what the 'Use unified mail for this account' setting under Accounts->Email does - I couldn't find anything in the knowledge base on it.


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