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Can't change my subscription plan

5649363 shared this problem 32 days ago

Hi, Since a few hours ago I'm trying to upgrade my plan since my mail quota is full

However, I have tried several times from different browsers with no success

When I try to save the new plan on the Settings->Mailbox.org page, I get an error message "

Your requested plan change could not be executed.


  • Something went wrong. Please try again or contact our support.

If I inspect the network calls I see that the tariffchecker.php returns {"reason": "tariffAcceptGeneralError"}

Is this something being fixed or is it something specific to my account?

I'm also trying deleting emails to free my mail quota, cleaning my thrash bin, but still says that I'm using all my mail quota

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Good morning,

in order to assess this, we need to take a look at your user account. Would you be so kind and open a ticket with our Support/Helpdesk?


Hendrik Schlange

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