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Email Folder View FAVORITES After Upgrade on January 4th 2022

7861222 shared this problem 9 months ago

I am seeing all of my previously configured Email Folder View FAVORITES are missing after Mailbox.org web client upgrade on January 4th 2022.

Anyone else that was also using the feature also seeing this user interface issue?

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Seems this issue was related to the New Features view that shows after an upgrade. This view must be a subset of the full view.

Noticed the color change from blue back to green after I logged out of the web client user interface, and then logged back in again.

After logging out and logging back into the web mail interface, all of my Email Folder View FAVORITES were once again available.

Presenting that alternate view to the user without all of their regularly available folders is bug in the new feature notification interface and should be corrected.

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