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Web UI bug: single quote handled incorrectly

2514798 shared this problem 17 days ago
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I'm trying to report a software bug but it seems not a single way to contact mailbox.org as a light plan user exists besides this forum, so I hope someone from the company sees this. It's not a support request nor am I asking other users for tips (I mean, you're welcome to discuss, of course).

When pasting a classic "name <email>" string into the To field of the editor, if the name contains an apostrophe, it counts as a string delimiter and part of the name is cut. See this screenshot where I pasted the selected text and "Marnick L'" is cut:


So basically the apostrophe (and perhaps others, didn't test and don't know what your framework is) should be escaped during event handling.

Source: I'm a software dev and my name has an apostrophe, I report this class of bugs more often than I'd like...

Very happy overall with mailbox.org since switching though, thanks

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Thank you very much for your report.

We will check the described behavior from our side.

Our customers of the LIGHT plan can also reach our support team at https://help.mailbox.org for contract related issues or bug reports like yours.

Kindly open a ticket there.

Please be careful not to publish private data in the user forum.



Great, thanks.

Well, the only option that link gives me is contractual questions... Shall I just piggyback that option then? Is it really needed if you already said you'll check it out?


After we check the program behavior I will report back here.

You do not need to open a ticket.

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