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Mailbox Theme selection

5484782 shared this problem 16 days ago

I am a new user with Mailbox and am currently on the Light plan.

I was happy with everything so far, but I now have a problem with the Mailbox theme which I'm not happy with at all.

On first setup, the portal/email appearance was fine as it followed my Windows system them (dark). The Theme option in settings was empty. While playing around last night, I thought I'd change the option to see what other themes were available.. 3 options, "default", blue, and orange, all of them light themes with the main window in white. I didn't like these and wanted to go back to my original but it's now not possible! As the dropdown selection was empty before (before change, there were 4 selections.. blank/default/blue/orange), I am unable to delete or revert to an empty selection (there are now only the 3 selections).

Can my settings be reset so that I can revert to the system them I had before? I have seen other CSS solutions etc for dark theme, but these don't suit me (I want to use an SBB). I simply want the selection I had before.

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It appears that you have switched from the default plan STANDARD in test mode to the LIGHT plan.

The dark mode is only available in the STANDARD plan.

Please also see here under "E-Mail & Calendar & Contacts" and then "Different webmail designs":


Have a nice day.


Thanks. Actually I switched from the trial period (which was standard plan) to a paid plan (light). Maybe I selected dark mode during my trial period, I don't know. I had dark theme in during the trial and since activating the light plan after payment. So I think you're saying I need to switch to the standard plan to be able to change theme, and then when I switch back to the light plan that theme will remain in place?


The dark mode is available if you switch to the STANDARD plan for good.

It's not available in the LIGHT plan, so every time you change back to it, it will be gone.


That wasn't the case though. As mentioned, after switching from the standard trial to the paid light plan, it remained in dark mode and the Theme selection under settings was empty. It was only after I manually altered the theme selection that I didn't have access to the dark theme.

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