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Change password

John Dingbat shared this question 8 months ago
Need Answer

Hello, can anyone help me change my password please?

The help pages have the following instructions, but my User data widget doesn't display 'My password', just 'User data', and that's no use.

2.3. Changing the Password

Note: Depending on the configuration, the steps for changing the password might differ from this instruction. In this case, contact your administrator or host.

How to change your password:

  1. Click the All Applications iconappsuite_user_icon_applauncherin the menu bar. Click on Portal in the App Launcher.
  2. If the User data widget is not displayed, click on Add widget on the upper right side. Click on User data.
    Click on My password in the User data widget.
  3. Change your password.

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This is still a problem... I would imagine that changing your password is a basic functionality of any mailbox (even on a cheap plan), but apparently there is not enough priority to make this a working feature?! Help pages don't match with reality. Please fix this asap!


It looks like you're looking in the wrong place. Have you ever looked under "settings" > "mailbox.org" > "personal data"? You can always change the password there.


Yes I have, but there is no option to change your password either.


The Help page about changing your password clearly states that you need to do this via the widget in the portal (which, as stated, also doesn't work).


My widget:



Please use the menu "Change Password".


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