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Mark email as read - option to set delay in Web UI

6929843 shared this idea 6 months ago

Hey mailbox.org,

I'm using your email hosting after migrating from a competition and really love the price/value ratio of your offering, especially the privacy related features. I'm primarily using your web UI office.mailbox.org and it works, though there is one missing feature that I find annoying and helps me to forget on emails to deal with - every email is marked as read right after clicking on it. It's very difficult to keep any email as unread when organizing, cleaning up the inbox.

Would it be possible to add a new option to the Web UI settings to set a delay (in seconds) when email is marked as read after displaying? The feature is pretty common in other web clients, e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird that allows you to set how long Thunderbird should delay before marking a message as read on displaying message https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/sending-and-receiving-messages-thunderbird#w_marking-messages-as-read

Thank you in advance for any feedback!

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