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What DMARC monitoring service do you recommend?

tiramisù shared this question 6 months ago

I am new to mailbox.org. I am setting up a team account for a small number of people with our own two domains. These are just for personal use—no marketing, low volume. I have followed instructions on the website to set up SPF, DKIM, and then DMARC. Once I sent a few test emails, I started getting DMARC reports which I had trouble opening and reading from the recipients' email providers. Mailbox Support helped me understand one report, but I can't send them each one!

I see there are many services which monitor and analyze DMARC reports and send a weekly summary, for example, Dmarcian and Postmark. Which do you recommend? I would prefer a company in Europe, as I think there is more privacy protection in Europe, but most companies I have found are in the U.S. Of course, a service with a free tier for low-volume personal accounts would be great!

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If you're referring to the aggregated DMARC xml report, we've received feedback from our customers that they like the Linux tool dmarc-cat, which gives a nice overview in the terminal.

If you're not on Linux, there may be other tools around.

We do not recommend using the "ruf" parameter for the "forensic" or "failure" report, as this does not comply to European law.


Thank you. I do not use Linux.

Before posting here, I sent an inquiry to Mailbox.org Support. The person who answered said that Mailbox.org does not recommend any particular service, but they added that Postmark seems to be popular with the German community. I am going to try Postmark's free service with weekly reports.

If anyone else has suggestions or other comments, I will appreciate them.

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