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Help! My ISP blocked mailbox.org

Marty shared this problem 2 months ago

I thought the web site was down all day. It said No Internet in my web browser which is an odd message since I had Internet. Then I turned wifi off on my phone and used Verizon, and the web site loads fine. What is going on?!?! My ISP is AT&T. Did they block mailbox.org?

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We don't block any ISP. Why should we?

We have some reports from some regions of the world indicating network routing issues. That would then be problems for the local providers. We are currently trying to analyze this.

In which network and with which provider are you? Can you tell us your local IP address or do a trace route to us?

Everything runs smoothly in the mailbox.org network and there are no restrictions.


There are routing issues at Telia in Lodon. This has nothing to do with http://mailbox.org. We'll try to arrange alternative routing pathes. But in general, this is beyond our responsibility and possibility




thanks Peer. Web site loads fine now. This just goes to show that I know nothing about how internet routing works. I figured that if the web site loads when I'm on Verizon but does not load when I'm on AT&T, that it was AT&T blocking the site. Apparently, that isn't the case.


Same thing happened to me yesterday. Mailbox.org was unreachable for at least 8 hours. It's running smoothly today. (Australia, via amaysim)

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