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Telephone password: need help to understand what this password reset option is.

MBOX user shared this question 2 months ago


Can someone explain to me what is meant by "Telephone password"? I am talking about the third option that mailbox.org gives us for password reset in: Settings > mailbox.org > Personal data > Contact details for password reset. I see different possible ways to understand this, and nothing in the Knowledge Base or in previous topics to clarify what it is. And I have read this page: https://kb.mailbox.org/en/private/account-article/forgotten-your-password. I mean that it actually gives no way to know exactly what this security feature is.

Thanks for your attention so far, and thanks so much in advance for your help!

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When a telephone password is set up, you may call us under the number that is going to show in the password reset options. You then may give us your main e-mail address and the password that was chosen by you (and which should differ from the one you use for the login).

You have 2 tries in order to name the right password.

If it matches, we are going to set a fresh password for you and wait until you have access to your account.

Finally are going to ask you to change this password.

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