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Position of signature when inserting the original email text to a reply

8360670 shared this question 58 days ago
Need Answer

I have the option "Insert the original email text to a reply" ticked, and I also use an automatic signature. Is it possible to add the signature before the original email? I.e., in this order:

New email - SIGNATURE - previous email (instead of New email - previous email - signature)

I find it very confusing that the signature automatically goes at the very end of the email chain (after the previous email / emails). Usually, people do not read the previous email(s) entirely. That means that they won't see my signature, which is "Kind regards / name / phone number".

That means my name and "kind regards" seem to be missing from my emails, which would appear rude. To avoid this, I have to copy paste the signature every time to the right place.

Is is possible to change a setting to change the position of the signature?

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