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"BAD office macro file found" - mail rejected

8360670 shared this question 57 days ago

I was not able to receive an email that had an xlsm file attached. The sender told me they received an error message saying "Security or policy settings at mailbox.org have rejected your message".

I tried to send an email containing an xlsm file as well, and I received a message that could not be delivered:

mout-p-202.mailbox.org[2001:67c:2050:0:465::202] said: 554 5.7.1 REJECT -

BAD office macro file found"

Is there a way to fix this? My spam settings are as lax as possible.

Besides, I set my spam settings to move emails that are identified as spam into the spam folder, not delete them outright. But I never received anything in the spam folder.

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Please make sure that this file does not contain activated macros. If it does, please deactivate those before sending.

Macros are the number one entrance source of malware like emotet. We need to filter them out in order to protect our customers from them.

This has priority over other spam settings.

I kindly ask for your understanding.


Thank you for explaining

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