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How to Sync Android Contacts fully and in a reliable way.

keram shared this problem 3 months ago

I already had a paid subscription for quite some time, which I dropped after a while. I signed up again with the decision to give it another chance. Whether I will keep it depends entirely on a crucial syncing of Android Contacts - it has to be done fully without losing any info in any field in a reliable way. I tried syncing using DAVx5 but it's not reliable and it's missing on some fields (e.g. chat IDs).

Syncing with the OX Sync App which is an extension to OX App Suite is not an option. It only works if you have a valid OX App Suite account and the OX App Suite is NOT available for installation on Google playstore.

Is there any other way to Sync Android Contacts fully and in a reliable way?

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I managed to sync with OX Sync App, but the same problem is happening there.

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