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Sharing calendar availability without details?

4442455 shared this idea 37 days ago


I'm wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to share only your availability of your calendar without sharing the details of the events/appointments themselves? E.g. in Outlook in business context, I can view my colleague's availability in order to see when they don't have other appointments, so that I can send calendar invitations for meetings accordingly.

Is it also possible to do something similar, where I can share my calendar with someone (another mailbox.org user), so that they can see when I am available or not, without them being able to see exactly what the events/appointments are that are on my calendar?

As far as I tested with this other mailbox.org user, both the sharing via permissions and via link will show all the details of the events on our calendars. Whereas what we'd really appreciate it something like the attached picture (can view that certain timeslots are "blocked out" but not see what exactly it is).


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