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How many custom domains can you add?

5340158 shared this question 13 months ago
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Its not clear from the documentation how many domains you can add. I require two. Is this possible on a plan?

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It is indeed not clear.

What I think I understand from reading for a while now is that you are not limited by domains, but by custom domain aliases. If you only use catch-all, you can link as many domains as you can link custom domain aliases.

I opened a trial account on the Standard plan and had access to one custom domain alias. Meaning I could use the free aliases abuse, webmaster etc. and a catch-all, which I successfully tested.

Nothing changed after switching to a trial of the Premium plan.

"the maximum number of aliases permitted will depend on your chosen price plan" is said in the user documentation Using e-mails with a custom domain.

Even the Light plans seem to get three custom domain aliases: "They can now create up to three additional e-mail-addresses with custom domains." is said on this blog post from September 2022.

Best hint I found is this blog post from April 2021. Looks similar to the current plan comparison, but what is now just a icon-check-new checkmark was an actual informative number back then: 50 custom domain aliases on the Standard plan:


To the left is the blog post from 2021 and to the right is the current pricing table.

Can somebody confirm what is the case for today?


I can confirm that after activating the account with my first payment I now have access to 50 custom domain aliases on the 3€ Standard plan.

Support confirmed that they are revising their knowledge base and are aware of this missing information.

They also confirmed that each custom domain alias can belong to a different domain, so you can connect 50 distinct domain names to one mailbox on Standard plan.


Here is the reply I got from technical support:


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