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How to sync Tasks via CalDAV?

2281090 shared this idea 48 days ago

According to this support article, you can apparently sync tasks via CalDAV the same way as with a regular calendar. Problem: there is no properties button when selecting the menu button on a tasks folder. I was able to add a regular calendar this way, but for tasks there simply isn't a properties menu, so I can't find the CalDAV link. I haven't been able to find one anywhere else either, e.g. the share button.

I want to sync my tasks to Thunderbird clients, but this is preventing me from doing so. Without it, I'm just not going to use the Mailbox.org calendar system at all, as I may as well stick with my Google Calendar if I can't even actually use it properly here.

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I talked to support and they said that the the Thunderbird addon, TBSync (https://github.com/jobisoft/TbSync), adds the functionality we're looking for. However, there is an issue with the newest TBSync and the newest Thunderbird release (github issue:https://github.com/jobisoft/TbSync/issues/591). I'm just following the issue and waiting for the eventual fix.

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