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Why is Mailbox concurrently offering two competing office tools

7169558 shared this idea 10 months ago

OX Apps offer an online word processor and spreadsheet application. For a small organization it's concerning that limited resources (obviously limited because basic feature requests from several years ago are ignored by Mailbox staff) are being allocated to 2 word processors.

Is there a strategy around implementing these additional features, and does Mailbox have a roadmap or plan? Currently it seems like this email service has lost its way.

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good point whereas the thread should rather have been marked as a question instead of an idea. ;-)

Same for Framadate and calendar.

Maybe they will kick Open-Xchange in future which I doubt as their hole system is bundled to OX?!

I think it‘s there to show, that there is some ongoing ‘development’ within the company. It isn’t that hard to implement this stuff. But as you said… who does need it, if we do have complete OX suite?!

Maybe some official will give us an answer.


First of all: Nothing is "ignored". We do track ideas and requests from our customers and we do have *lots* of own ideas and requests. But we're nor able to fulfill everything.

We are in good and strong exchanges with OX, but we are dependent on what OX implements in their software. We're really not really satisfied here, and we can already see that essential requests from us and our customers cannot be implemented as quickly as we need them to be.

But it is how it is: We only have limited options in some cases, even if we are having very specific discussions with OX as to whether and how we can make our own code and customizations to OX.

We are evaluating how we can contribute our own code and also if we can replace OX with our own software. But these are internal discussions that we cannot have here in the user forum.

So it's easier for us to implement new services than to change some things in OX. But that doesn't mean that we ignore other requests. We do what we can.


I'd be very happy if you dropped OX. They're like the lazy boyfriend that stays at home all day and promises they'll change but never does.

I'm a huge fan of stability focused software but OX moves slower on feature implementation than Microsoft. I'm glad to hear you're unsatisfied with their development. For an open source software they're incredibly opaque.


My thoughts exactly! Few staff resources I imagine and I was literally opening both the word processor and etherpad to compare them, and was wondering what the difference in use cases is meant to be. A roadmap (that could be commented on by the public) would be awesome, even if it's tentative (like all roadmaps).

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