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DAV services have completely stopped syncing to my desktop client, and are patchy at best on mobile

8584454 shared this problem 8 days ago

I use kalendar on linux to manage my to-do lists and contacts, and mailbox.org has completely stopped syncing with it. The calendars always show as offline, and I've restarted my app, my device, I've even deleted and readded the DAV source, and after that it doesn't say it's offline at first, but as soon as I try to change something, it "updates" and everything goes offline.

I know this isn't a kalendar issue, as I tried syncing an old gmail account and it worked perfectly, even with manual setup (which I use for my mailbox account), as opposed to the pre-made gmail profile in kalendar.

Syncing to my phone is also patchy at best as the title says, often not receiving changes for hours after I make them on the web client and vice-versa as well (and when the desktop app worked, it was the same there).

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