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2FA - no recovery codes?

4451231 shared this question 23 months ago
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I'm using 2FA @mailbox.org which is combined with PIN. Regular password doesn't work. It's OK... at least now. How would I get access in case I lost my key/phone with code generator?

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(i) Password Reset is still possible (2FA will be deactivated) if u have given mailbox.org your contact information for this specific case. German FAQ: https://kb.mailbox.org/display/MBOKB/Die+Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung+einrichten ("Token verloren - was nun?")

(ii) Backup: For TOTP-Tokens you make a backup of the PIN and the information which you used for creating your 2FA-Token (Interval, Digits, Hash-Algorithm) and secret (you find the secret in the long string beneath the generated QR-Code). If you now loose your generator you only have to manually type these information in the new generator. Caution: You should test your backup before you save it in a secret place! It should do its job if it shows you the exact same token.

What kind of OTP-Token do you use?



Use andOTP and export your database next time somewhere safe :)