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2fa not working on test account

8589646 shared this problem 4 months ago

I'm trying the test account, and it takes my yubikey initially, but doesn't turn on 2fa or save it. Also tried Google Authentication (creates entry just fine on otp client), however neither of these options show up as saved tokens I can use. According to the limitations, 2fa is not listed as being a limitation.

So, I want to know, is 2fa not an option for test accounts, or is it just broken?

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Ok, so it's a little strange, the tokens actually register, but just aren't listed anywhere. The interface is strange; how do you manager your tokens if they aren't listed?


I have the same issue with my private trial account. I read the KB article on how to set up 2FA, and I successfully created and enrolled my token, and installed it on my authenticator app on my mobile device using the QR code.

The issue I encounter is that when I log out of mailbox.org and log back in, no 2FA prompt appears after I enter my password. Instead I am taken straight to my portal page, without any 2FA prompt appearing. I've now logged out and back in several times, but all tries have had the same results - only my regular password is required, no 2FA.

Please advise. Thanks.