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`Add external addresses` option does not exist

3523570 shared this problem 9 months ago

Hello. I was trying out Mailbox, and was hoping to set up my email account to use my own custom domain. But i cannot complete the first step of the guide, because the described option does not exist for me.

The guide on: https://kb.mailbox.org/display/BMBOKBEN/Using+e-mail+addresses+of+your+domain says:

Step 1: The mailbox.org security key
Log in to your mailbox.org Office and go to mailbox.org Settings in the settings area. The ‘Add external addresses’ option is available under ‘E-mail Aliases’. Enter the desired e-mail address.
But for me, that option does not exist.

Is this only because i'm still on a 30-day trial? I have tried to add some credit to my account balance to test, but still nothing.