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add multiple external email aliasses/domains

9581523 shared this idea 9 months ago

Recently I have created an external email alias (via https://kb.mailbox.org/display/BMBOKB/How+to+set+up+my+domain+name). this works fine.

However -when I try to add another domain - I see the first domain is replaced by it. I have deleted the second domain via settings > email settings > delete - and that worked. Only now I do not see the initial external domain anymore. - and when trying to re-add the original external domain I get an " Error: The account name already exists". Sending and receiving email via the first external domain still works but it only seems to be gone from the console interface.

Even though it is not mentioned in any of the help files - is it possible at all to add multiple domains to one mailbox.org account?

I have the feeling it is not :p

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It seems that mail from multiple domains in one account should be possible. I thought it was a problem because I could not send mail from my second domain I have added.

As found in: https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/review-mailboxorg.html it appears that to be able to send mail from your other domains you have to: "At this point you don’t have any way to send outgoing emails from your domain through the web interface. To set up that you also have to go to a screen titled “Alternative Sender”, type in the desired email address you want to send emails from, send yourself a confirmation email that’s sent and delivered to and from Mailbox.org, and click on a link to confirm that you want Mailbox.org to be able to send emails through this address."