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Apple Verification Emails Blocked

001 shared this problem 2 years ago

I have an urgent situation where emails from noreply@apple.com are not being delivered to my Mailbox.org inbox.

When I try to add my Mailbox.org email account to my Apple account, a verification email is sent - however this is not appearing in my Mailbox.org inbox or junk folder.

I don't think Apple's servers are the problem because I have experimented adding other email addresses from other providers and the emails are delivered in a matter of seconds.

I have checked my spam folder and even turned off spam protection on my account in case it was being blocked by that.

I need urgent help with this please.

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Sven from Mailbox has looked into this for me and said that there are no Apple emails referenced in my account. I can only assume it is a bug on Apple's side if this is the case.


I had similar issues (not with Apple, though), with various service's confirmation mails not arriving. I couldn't pinpoint it, but reading other people's issues with mailbox.org, I'd say it has something to do with greylisting. Turning it off did the trick for me.