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Alexander shared this question 3 years ago
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For a brief period of time, there was an "Archive" button available in the web interface, which would automatically file messages into a subfolder of the "Archive" structure, based on the year. That button is gone now and I'm back to using drag & drop to archive messages.

Is there a configuration option somewhere the reactivate the archive button? I found it very useful.



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I noticed that there is an archive button in the web interface but I don't like that it archives it to a sub folder based on the year. The reason is that other mail clients like the Mail.app on iOS and Mac don't do this and I find emails in both the Archive Folder and in the sub folder with the year. Anyway to turn this off?


I guess it would be nice if it was configurable how the archive feature behaved.

Thunderbird archives into annual folders by default, so the feature worked for me just as I hoped it would, "out of the box."

(FWIW, it can be configured in iOS, in the Advanced settings for the account - I in fact adjusted the default to use the sub folder for the year; it can most likely be changed in Apple Mail as well).


I definitely support the idea of having a configurable feature for Archiving.

I have multiple email addresses on my Mail.app and would like to have all under the "Archive" folder, as Gmail/Yahoo does it this way on their web app.