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Asking a question in JIRA is not working

3496589 shared this problem 10 months ago

Upon entering a question in the the JIRA customer service desk, you see the similar questions and then a "Die Richtigen sind nicht dabei" ("None of these answer my question") link. Instinct dictates that clicking this you can start a new post with your question as the title. But it doesn't do that, it just takes you back to the JIRA home page. So, essentially, you can't post your question there.

Could you fix this?

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I went through this a few weeks ago and found it very awkward. I eventually did manage to add my question, relying on Google translation, since I could not see how to switch the screen to English, but I don't remember now exactly what I did.


This is fucking ridiculous for a paid service.

I've sent a mail to support@mailbox.org where they previously accepted support inquiries. That wasn't fast-response either, but eventually I heard back from them. I tried to reach them there again. I got this automatic response:

"Dear Customer,We have introduced a new helpdesk system to improve our customer support. We can no longer reply to e-mails send to this old address.Please use https://help.mailbox.org instead.There you'll be able to open ticket requests to our team, it will also automatically look for possible solutions from our knowledge base. Maybe you request is answered there, so you'll get help as fast as possible. If not, our team will take care about your request.Please take a look at our blog article to learn about the new ways to receive support:https://mailbox.org/en/new-helpdesk-system-to-improve-support/Best regards,Your mailbox.org Team"

Hey Mailbox.org, are you even aware that the only point that you left available for customer communications doesn't even remotely work?


I have tried to create a support request this morning and have found it is impossible. After pressing the "Requests" button in the top-right, choosing "My requests" and clicking the "Create a request" link I am taken back to the following page:


Which is where you are taken when you first log in, just looping you round in an endless cycle. If there is another way to raise a support ticket then I'd love to know.


For the record: I had an issue which needed support from them, and the only available way I saw left is contacting Heinlein Support (a company connected to them), ask what's up and ask them to forward my inquiry to Mailbox. That was 1.5 months ago, still no answer.

Does anyone know what's going on with this company?