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Auto-save of a draft triggers a new message notification

3496589 shared this problem 2 years ago

I use mailbox.org from Thunderbird. When I'm composing a new message, every time the draft gets saved my Drafts folder behaves as having received a new message and I get the same Thunderbird tray notification as I get in the case of new incoming mail.

As you can imagine, this is highly annoying and distracting while I'm focusing on writing the message (even more so because there's no telling whether the tray notification is a "phantom" one or for a real mail). I tried to stop this behavior with the FiltaQuilla add-on, but without success. I won't turn off tray icon notifications because they are very useful (at least in the case when it's for a real new mail).

No other IMAP service that I've used handled drafts in this way. I kindly ask you to modify your backend so that newly saved instances of drafts don't show up as new mail. Also, if I can do something about this on my end, please let me know how to do it.

Thank you very much!

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Please do something about this. I can't fix it in any way and it is very distracting.