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calendar caldav and Thunderbird does not work

3162076 shared this problem 16 months ago

Most of what I want seems to work out of the box: contacts, tasks, mail etc.

What I would like to use is the calendar on Thunderbird via Caldav. But I cannot get this to work. For example tasks via caldav works fine, but not so for the calendar. I get the following error.

"CalDAV: Get failed: CalDAV: Error: got status 500 fetching calendar data for Test"

This surprises me, because the caldav for tasks works fine. Some posts mention that you cannot have more than one caldav username/password for the same domain in Thunderbird. However when I remove the tasks it still does not work.

The strange thing is that caldav does work on Android with OX sync. So it might be Thunderbird related.

Is there someone that got this working? This is quite a big thing for me...