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Calendar email reminders do not send

Nicholas shared this problem 2 years ago

By default I have email reminders set to send 15 minutes before the start of each calendar appointment. However, reminders do NOT get sent for every calendar event, even when I double check that reminders are meant to be sent. Which events have reminders get sent for them or not sent for them appears to be random. This is annoying but extremely dangerous as well (when depending on calendar reminders for important events).

I am using the web interface calendar and email in the Brave browser.

Thank you.

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I emailed tech support about this and was told there are known issues, response below:

Thank you very much for your patience. I've talked with our administrators and we really do have some problems with reminders via e-mail. We are in contact with the developers of the software and they are working on fixing the issue. I can't tell you at this moment how long this will take, so I ask for a little more patience. It would be the safest right now to not use e-mail reminders until they are fixed. If you have any further questions in the meantime, please write us. I hope you are having a nice day despite the circumstances.


Haha, good to know there is some known issue, because we have problem with this as well, but in our case reminders are sent even when they are disabled in Settings.

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