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Calendar of birthday contact

2853814 shared this question 18 months ago
Need Answer

I can't sync the birthday contact calendar on android. The same for evolution because there is no URL

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I have solved it by installing DAVx⁵ to sync CalDAV/CardDav and Birthday Adapter for syncing the virtual calendar with birthdays.

The Adapter didn't work at first (didn't see my DAVx⁵ account on the phone), so I went and installed Birthday Calendar, which instantly saw the DAVx⁵ account. However, after that this account appeared in Birthday Adapter as well, so I simply deleted Birthday Calendar app (which is a bit untidy to my liking, creates lots of duplcate entried on the calendar etc.)

As of now, everything works perfectly, birthdays show up on my Android calendar.

I'm not sure, though, that these two things are connected, or if maybe the Adapter simply needed some time to, well, adapt. :) But just in case someone might need it or it might be of use.

All three apps are available on F-Droid.


Tank s that works for me with only birthday adapter